Description: Round shaped, brownish-colored tablets with dividing line with slightly bitter taste typical for aloe.
Senna leaves contain anthraglycosides: majorly Raynaud diantrones (dimeric compounds), which are known as sennosides a and b (stereoisomers) as well as monoglycoisides - glucorein, glucoaloe-emodin, Rein glycosides. Accompanying substances are flavonols, kaempferol, izorhamnetin, their glycosides and resin substances. Aloe leaves contain up to 160 active substances: antracene derivatives -including aloe-emodin, C-glycoside aloin. Amino acids, enzymes, C, K, B12 vitamins and nicotinic acid. Macro and microelements :( B, P, AL, MG, CA, K, Na, Si, Fe, Mn, Ba, Ag, Zn, Ni, etc.) It has bactericidal and bacteriostatic action.