Taurine – the sulfur-containing amino acid that plays a role of neurotransmitters in the brain, relieves stress and charges with energy. It reveals anticonvulsant activity and stimulates reparative processes in dystrophic diseases.
Guarana- (Paullinia cupana) is rich in caffeine. It helps to increase the body’s general tonus, increases mental concentration, accelerates fat dissolution. Contributes to creating and maintaining a good mood, stimulates the nervous system, heart, muscles. It also contains theophylline and theobromine that also is very similar to caffeine. Is used as an energizer.
Black Pepper - (Piper nigrum) has a strong bactericidal action. Stimulates the appetite, helps the digestive system to function normally. Improves memory and blood circulation of the brain.
Green Tea - (Camellia sinensis) contains caffeine or theine, which excites the central nervous system and the cerebral cortex, improves mood, stimulates thinking, increases performance and improves the body’'s response. Theine does not accumulate in the body, so the green tea has no side effects. In addition, the tea helps bone enforcement, blood formation, thyroid gland functioning. It is especially rich in vitamins C and P.