“Gama” was established in 1994, three years after Georgia declared its independence, in order to provide the highest quality pharmaceutical products to the population of Georgia. “Gama” considers the quality as its basic philosophy that lays the groundwork for a successful business. “Gama” believes that the quality regards not only to each pill and capsule manufactured by it, but also implies a constant and continuous commitment to excellence. This applies not only to the safe and reliable manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, but also to all aspects of the business.
For us, the quality is:
• Compliance with all national and international legal regulations in the manufacturing, sales, import-export and business areas.
• Full compliance with ISO-9001, GMP-EU GMP-FDA international standards of manufacturing and business areas.
• Full compliance of our technological and business practices with the requirements of our clients, partners and patients.
• Compliance with our in-house quality standards, which include all aspects of the doing business and internal manufacturing process, recording of all these aspects in the documentary form, providing transparency of manufacturing processes and doing business .
• Responsibility for our obligations and also the responsibility before the customers, when we provide them with the quality and affordable pharmaceutical products.
• Creating and ensuring a safe working environment, seeking continuous growth. Creating stable, pleasant working environment for our employees and visitors.
Manufacturing of quality pharmaceuticals is the main goal of “Gama” and its every employee. The highly qualified, experienced and motivated team is a foothold of our company.
Each “Gama” employee performs his or her work subject to the company’s quality-oriented requirements. Each of the newly recruited staff undergoes special training in order to meet the quality-oriented production requirements of the job description. Each employee undergoes periodic testing, training and his and her qualifications – business compliance are assessed by the quality of work.
“Gama” is implementing the quality management system, which complies with ISO-9001, GMP-EU and GMP-FDA international standards and assumes responsibility to continuously improve the business quality (CQI). The company continuously conducts market and production research and evaluation to provide the optimization and improvement and diversification of the company’s capabilities.

Quality Management
The quality management of pharmaceutical products manufactured by “Gama” Ltd. is based on the ISO 9001 principles. The plant has the modern equipped laboratory, which fully meets the GMP requirements. The plant also has the Quality Control and Quality Assurance Department, which ensures the quality of pharmaceuticals at all stages of production.