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At the 29th presentation of the Arch Of Europe for Quality and Technology, Gama Ltd. was presented with the gold category award certificate for quality of operations. On March 3rd 2003, in Frankfurt, Germany, GAMA Ltd. was honored for its immeasurable contribution to the "business world and for high standing and professionalism demonstrated by prestigious performance".











GAMA Ltd. (GAMA) is a private limited corporation, founded as a USA-Georgian joint venture for pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution. Our mission is to create high quality human pharmaceuticals for the people of the Republic of Georgia, and for export to other countries in the Caucasus, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe. We operate strictly under the tenets and regulations according to ISO-9001: 2008 and International Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.


GAMA was founded in 1994, 3 years after the declaration of independence by the Republic of Georgia, in order to provide the highest quality of human pharmaceuticals to a Georgian population bereft of sound and safe medications. GAMA regards Quality as a part of its fundamental philosophy to guarantee a successful entrepreneurial business. GAMA believes that Quality not only refers to each individual pill and capsule and product we manufacture, but also implies constant striving for our continuous improvement in the creation of efficient, safe and reliable pharmaceuticals, as well as all aspects of our business operations.


·        Meeting all applicable Georgian and International regulations of law in manufacturing, sales, sales promotions, import-export operations, and operating a business.

·        Meeting or exceeding all requirements of manufacture and business operation required by the International standards of ISO 9001, GMP-EU and GMP-FDA.

·        Full compliance in our technological and business processes and practices with our clients, partners and patients.

·        Compliance with our established internal Quality standards, encompassing all aspects, departments and processes, and by documenting all aspects of our operations so as to provide transparency.

·        Conscious attention to the fulfillment of our obligations to, and meeting the expectations of our customers, including providing essential human pharmaceuticals at affordable prices and resolving disputes with satisfaction for all parties.

·        To provide safe work environment, continuous education opportunities, and a stable, enjoyable and supportive work environment for our staff.

Quality work performance is the fundamental objective for each and every staff member of our company. Our organization relies on our highly qualified and motivated team of employees. Every staff member shall approach and execute every task and job while being mindful of the Quality-based expectations our company requires. Every new hire will be given training and education to accomplish the level of Quality performance each job description requires, and every staff member will have periodic review of their job performance, with additional training and education as needed, and/ or as new products, procedures or processes are implemented. We have implemented the Quality Management System, which complies with International Standard ISO 9001, GMP-EU and GMP-FDA, and we accept the obligation to continuously improve the quality of our business (CQI). We conduct market and manufacturing researches on regular basis, meant to analyze improvement opportunities, and implement them when appropriate. All documentation relevant to Quality is on file at our home office in Marktopi.    





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